Axiall Explosion Lake Charles
On December 20, 2013, according to Axiall Corporation, at approximately 1:40 PM Friday, a fire occurred in the vinyl chloride manufacturing area of Axiall Lake Charles chemical complex. Please see the list of names below and contact us if you know the whereabouts of anyone in the list.
Do you know any of the people in this list?
We are trying to locate the following people.
Anyone knowing the whereabouts of following people, please contact Christian D. Chesson, One Lakeshore Drive, Suite 1800, Lake Charles, Louisiana, or you may call 337-436-5297 and/or email
See List of Names
E'miree Alexander
E'monee Alexander
Ethel Alexander
Kealyn Alexander
Lysha Alexander
Pauline Barron
Peter Bartley
David Battle
Jordan Bellard
Kimberly Bias
William Bolton
Tiffany Bowman
Tracy Bramlet
Dennis Bramlett Jr.
Tristan Branham
John Brooks
Keelan Broussard
Markia Brown
Tyrin Brown
Kyndall Browning
Christopher Bruney
Micahel Bruney
Melvin Burden
Zoey Burnett
Shamitika Celestine
Brevan Chambers
Kayla Chambers
Arthur Chapman
Mary Chapman
Lauren Chesson
Dylon Citizen
Gabriella Coleman
Quentin Coleman
Vemetia Coleman
Zayden Coleman
Alexavier Collins
Christine Collins
Cynthia Davis
Donna Davis
Angela Deville
Jasmine Doyle
Lloyd Doyle
Christopher Esaac
Shelia Evans
Deidre Foley
Lexy Fontenot
Joshua Francisco
Marisa Freeman
Courtney Gallow
Daniel Garcia
Rickey Garcia
John Giovanni
Austin Goodwin
Autum Goodwin
Jason Goodwin
Paris Goodwn
Kimberly Gordan
Sandra Granger
Darrell Green
Ross Green
Eric Guillory
Gloria Guillory
Lauren Guillory
Geremy Hensley
Megan Henson
Ladonna Holmes
Trovaskie Hudson
Elizabeth Jack
Makayla Jackson
Michael Jackson
Ryan Jackson
Kimberly Jacobs
Alicia James
Ebony James
Eugenia James
Amanda Jefferson
Yousif Jenkins
Jada Johnson
Lisa Kee
Micahel Kee
Shayla L. Citizen
Eric Lafleur
Hunter Langley
James Langley
Joseph Lantz
Adie Lartrigue
Joseph Lazard
McKenzie Leduff
Falon Lemelle
Geraldine Lemelle
Shannon Lewis
Walter Lewis
Icyphine Love
Omar Matheson
Helen May
Holly Miller
Doris Mitchell
Owana Mitchell
Tanessa Moore
Melissa Mott
Clifton Mouton
Betty Mullen
Markea Nelson
Cheryl Nixon
John Offord
Kenneth Oliver
Richardo Palos
Joseph Pickett
Lindsey Pickett
Mary Pickett
Paulette Prater
Robert Reed
Michael Richard
Juan Rojas
Denzel Rolax
Jason Sams
Jessica Saucier
Karmikhel Shelton
Latonia Shepherd
Andria Simien
Kolbie Smith
Bradley Spell
Jennifer Spencer
Loana Steven
Brandon Stevens
Donna Stevens
Antoinette Stevenson
Donnie Stevenson
Heaven Stevenson
Tazara Stevenson
Tiara Stevenson
Nikki Stewart
Hope Stutes
Zemeria Taylor
Clifford Temple
Demi Theriot
Junita Thibodeaux
Lanna Thibodeaux
Atrevon Thomas
Hillary Thomas
Virginia Thomas
Bernard Thornton
Tavonya Touchet
Tommy Touson
Kayla Venable
Maverick Viator
Loris Vizena
Jessica Walker
Tamike Wallace
Sasha Watley
Jimmie Watson
Carroll Williams
Clarence Williams
Denzil Williams
Shontele Williams
Joseph Woodside
Arriona Yocham
Rylee Young
Terrie Young
Devin Young
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