Social Security Disability

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If your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, call The Law Office of Christian D. Chesson today. We have represented thousands of injured clients in our community and if you do not collect you owe no fee!

Hiring a lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make in a Social Security claim. The Social Security program entitles you to income replacement benefits if you suffer from a significant illness or impairment and are unable to earn a living. If you believe that you are truly disabled, call us at (337) 436-5297, 1-877-808-3328 or send an email to and we will help you right away.

Experienced Social Security Attorneys Can Help

You need a good Social Security attorney because the federal law is complex and very confusing. The difference between the right answers and the wrong answers can mean so much at the hearing level, and good, experienced legal representation will greatly increase your chances of recovery.

If you have a question please do not hesitate to call. Our attorneys and legal professionals are ready to take your call. Physical disability can be financially and emotionally devastating, and we understand what you’re going through.

Some questions that you may have include:
  • How long will it take to get paid?
  • What are my chances of success?
  • What if I haven’t worked much over the past few years?
  • How do I know if I’m even eligible for Social Security?
  • What type of Social Security benefits would I be entitled to?

If you have filed, you have a limited amount of time to appeal your denial and the clock is running. Call us today free of charge at 1-877-808-3328. You’ll be glad you did.

Let Our Professionals Help